Stem cell therapy

Stem cells are cells with the ability of re-activating weakened cells and increasing

number of cells that are important to our body function but decreasing every day.

What is a stem cell? 

The mechanism of mesenchymal stem cell treatment 


The risks of stem cell therapy 

Research papers 

Regenerative medicine provision plans accepted
by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

  • Provision Plan of Autologous
    Facial Fat Transfer with Stem Cells

  • Notification of Specific
    Processed Cells Manufacturer

  • Provision Plan of Hair
    Follicle Regeneration

  • Provision Plan of Stem Cell
    Injection in Knee Osteoarthritis

  • Provision Plan of Stem Cell
    Therapy by Intravenous Drip

  • Provision Plan of NK Cell
    Therapy by Intravenous Drip

  • Provision Plan of Stem Cell
    in Facial External Use

  • Provision Plan of Facial

Facility of Omotesando cell culture laboratory

Cell Processing Center (CPC)
Cell cultures are operated with the following hygiene controls based on a strict management.

The clean bench is supplied with clean air of ISO class 5 (class 100). For cell proliferation and managements, the number of micro particles in the Cell Processing Center (CPC) must be reduced by a fairly high standard and create a sterile space, that is to say, a bacteria-free space.

Also, to guarantee high safety, tests to detect pathogens such as virus are carried out when receiving cells.
n addition, to prevent mixing up samples, we have introduced a strict quality management and established a cell culture operation management system, with bar code management (traceability system) and historical management of all processes.



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