The founder of the clinic who is also a former cancer patient would like to share his personal experience with you. The application of regenerative medicine—Stem cell Therapy

Hi, I am Matsuoka, the director of this clinic. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2011. Although I was completely cured by surgery, I decided to try stem cell therapy in order to recover my strength. There may be some doubts since this is a fairly new type of therapy. As a regenerative medicine which works on the whole body, I believe it’s worthwhile to give it a try.

Before MSC administration


After MSC administration

Stem cell therapy repairs and refines the weakened body parts which you may not notice any symptoms.
Therefore, for those people who do experience sickness or malfunctions such as menopause or autonomic dysfunction tend to find good results after they receive the stem cell therapy. Even for those ones who are usually feeling healthy, they may still find improvements on things like faster brain activities because this therapy works well on brain. In my case, after my thyroid cancer surgery I started the stem cell treatment because I was always feeling warm, tired and lack of energy due to the unstable balance of my thyroid hormones. The therapy did an excellent job on fixing those symptoms and my memory and thinking speed are as good as how I was 10 years ago.


Tha change after animals induced myocardinal infarction was transplanted by MSC. Stem cells are partially captured by the lungs in the upper row (the day after administration), whereas in the lower row (day 2), the stem cells are concentrated only in the lesion site(Homing thesis)


The administered stem cells catch the SDF-1 signal emitted from the injured site and head to the injured site. It cures the damaged part at a stretch and the stem cell itself immediately heads to another place.(Hit & Run Phenomenon)MSC: Messenchymal Stem Cell

What is “autologous stem cell harvesting”? Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that have the ability to divide and produce the same type of cells, as well as differentiate into specialized cells. In our clinic, we provide injections of your own harvesting stem cells and stem cells extracted from umbilical cord blood. Our clinic’s cell harvesting center has a similar bio-environment and uses the newest 3D harvesting technology to efficiently harvest autologous stem cells within 5 to 10 days.The stems cells will be injected back to your body after the harvesting procedure. There will be no rejection if you choose to inject your own stem cells. You may also keep excess cells by freeze-preservation if you wish.

What is “umbilical cord blood stem cells”? Umbilical cord blood stem cells are extracted from placenta, which is a tissue responsible for delivering nutrients from mother to fetus, thus contains a large amount of stem cells. However, rejection may occur after injection due to the stem cells come from a different source. HLA test is required prior to the injection for selecting suitable cells.

How stem cells are harvested (microscopic photo)

stem cell ~harvest 2nd day~
Skin cells scattered and the cell number has not increased.
stem cell ~harvest 2nd day~ Skin cells scattered and the cell number has not increased.


stem cell ~harvest 1st week~ More black dots on the left indicates cell division.

Clinical Effect 

What kind of effect does it have? The most effective therapy.

ike how it is indicated in the picture, babies contain a lot of stem cells which turn into body cells as they grow. The older we get the less stem cells we have and thus result in slower metabolism. Autologous stem cells harvest as well as umbilical cord stem cells therapy will both give good results on preventing cell los


Studies have shown that umbilical cord stem cells can help decrease the risk of having cancer, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease, etc. Stem cells injected will circulate throughout the body, finds tissues that requires to be repaired and starts regeneration. Stem cells also stimulates the brain and stabilize hormone balance which speeds up the metabolism. Stems cells are able to replicate and regenerate, therefore skin tissues are constantly renewed and anti-aging effect can be expected. People have recently gained more knowledge about “Regenerative Medicine” after Dr. Shinya Yamanaka won the Nobel Prize with his work on IPS cells. The real purpose of regenerative medicine is to prevent illness, stay healthy, and anti-aging. Stem cell therapy revitalize weakened cells and regenerate new healthy cells for our body to stay in the best condition everyday.

What do we provide(Team of MSC professionals)

At Omotesando Helene Clinic, we offer 2 options of stem cells regenerative treatments: autologous stem cell harvest and umbilical cord stem cells. For autologous cell harvest, we take some of your own skin cells and harvest stem cells at our harvesting center. For umbilical cord stem cells, HLA test is performed in order to find the right stem cells that suits your body. Stem cells can be inserted back to your body through either muscle or IV injection. Our stem cell therapy team consists of MSC specialists: Dr.Matsuoka who is an expert in stem cell therapy, and PhD Inoko who is authority of tissue transplantation, and PhD. Dan who is very experienced and has devoted almost 30 years of his career to cell harvesting. We provide our customers high quality treatments and safety is always our first priority.

<Dr MATSUOKA. director/founder> Graduated from Keio University School of Medicine, belongs to Harvard Medical School PGA, has an eMBA from University of Beijing. He is an expert of stem cell therapy in the anti-aging field and has treated over 5000 people using this method.
phd.inoko <PhD Toshihide Inoko Honorary Professor TOKAI Univ.Medicine>
Authority in the field of HLA involved in organ transplantation and cell transplantation, our hospital instructs transplant immunity important for stem cell transplantation.
1992 Professor of Tokai University School of Medicine Molecular Life Science Department
2001 Chairman of the Japanese Organization Conformity Association (~ 2005)
2006 Tokai University Medical Dean (~ 2010)
Currently Professor Emeritus Tokai University
<Phd. Katsuaki Dan Director of research center> Dr. Dan had been mainly researching chemical treatments and methods of raising immunization for cancer while in Keio Medical School from 1981 to 2001. He became the director of Keio University’s CIMR(Center for integrated Medical Research) in 2002 and is a professional with 30 years experience in cell harvesting.
<Mr.Hosokawa (Former Minister of Health,Labor,Welware)> Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun
Members of the House of Representatives (7 terms)
Former Minister of Health,Labor and Welware

Facial change by stem cell injection

  • 施術写真
  • 施術写真

  • 施術写真
  • 施術写真

HongKong Stemcell Center
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Examination Process (Autologous stem cells)

First time patient: Your needs and expectations will be asked during the consultation
Cell extractions: Blood test and skin cells extraction (3mm of your skin from the back of your ear). This process takes about 10 minutes.
Stem cell harvest: Stem cells will be harvested inside the lab (takes about 1 week).
Stem cell injection (separate appointment): Inject locally to the desired part or through muscle. It takes about 10 minutes.

Examination Process (Umbilical cord stem cells)

HLA Test(at home): Use the HLA kit delivered to your home and take a swab from your mouth (inside of the cheek). Send the kit back to our clinic.
First time patient: Your needs and expectations will be asked during the consultation
Umbilical cord stem cells injection: Inject locally to the desired part or through muscle. IV injection is good for cells to travel through the whole body. It takes about 120 minutes.


It goes through bacteria and virus examinations at a certified facility to ensure its safety. By measuring CD34 we are also able to count the number of stem cells.
It is kept inside a tank full of hydrogen liquid under -196℃. This environment will allow us to store the cells semi-permanently. Studies have proven the effectiveness of umbilical cord stem cells that had been kept for 20 years.
The umbilical cord stem cells we provide at our clinic are extracted, prepared and stored following the standards and protocols set by the government. We also have experts and doctors on site to ensure quality control or adjustment if needed. Tests also provided by outside sources to double check and reassure its safety.
Our hospital consistently uses non-animal culture medium (animal free) from the beginning.
This clinic is a certified regenerative medical facility authorized by the government’s health department. Right now in Japan, all certified facilities and their methods for regenerative medicine are carefully and strictly viewed by the health department.
・Certificate of CPC
・License in MSC introvenous application
・License in MSC subcutanous application
・License in MSC external application
This is a photo of highly concentrated stem cells (1.1 billion cells within 2 mL solution) right before injection. A lot of people may think it’s red solution, in fact stem cells are colorless.
A machine that performs flow cytometry is used to count the number of cells. 
Stem cells transplanted through IV injection. (It takes from 30 min to 1 hour)
Cultivating of adipo-derived MSC requires liposuction operation. Skin sample technique is very easy for patients.